Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We went to Newport Beach on Saturday the 19th with our friends the Garcia's. It was a cold day and the freezing ocean water didn't feel too good, so Corey and Marcus (he is in the same unit as Corey) decided to build a sandcastle. While me and Jen ( Marcus's girlfriend) and his little brother alex decided to give the water a try, it was cold at first but once we got used to it, we had alot of fun splashing, swimming, and tasting the salt water, well not too much of that last one. However the water was too cold for Cade so Marcus's other brother Chris were beach bums, but Cade did a face plant into the sand and it was everywhere! Up his nose, in his ears, even in his belly button! He was such a trooper. When it got dark we decided to have a bonfire right on the beach and make smores. It was such a fun day!


Lisa C said...

I love my little turtle. I wish I could have been there. Give Cade hugs and kisses from Gma C. I can't wait for October, see you soon.

Jennifer said...

That was the best day of the entire summer! You, Corey and Cade are so awesome! I hope we can make more memories together soon. ~jenn