Friday, July 25, 2008

I now have proof that cade is a real turtle. I left him in the living room to go grab a snack, when I came back he had rolled over to his turtle floater and got under the shell of it!


Lisa C said...

I knew it all along, he is a little turtle. Gma loves him, and you, too!!

Richard Carroll Sheehan said...

Your Marine is hansome and your baby is sweet and cute.

However I am old and lazy and care mostly about me.

Recently I've been hearing a term which may be spelled "localvor." It seems to refer to a person who is aware of eating food that comes from close to where they live. It seems like a good idea, but even trying to discover where my food comes from seems overwhelming.
Any ideas for me?
Keep it simple. I really don't get the turtle business.