Saturday, September 6, 2008


Sept 5, was my birthday! Yay! The day started out normal Corey told me he had to work so he kissed me goodbye, but when my dad called (and woke me up) I noticed Cade hadn't woken me up and it was 9! So I went in his room to check on him and in the crib I found a digital photo frame with all our pictures on it, 2 snickers bars which Cade enjoyed too, and a card. When I went downstairs Corey had taken the day off to surprise me and made me a cake. My dad and step mom got me a beautiful bouqet of yellow flowers. That night Corey had arranged a babysitter for Cade and we went to Palms Springs to my favorite restaraunt the Olive Garden! It was such a great day. ( oh and the reason why the cake has 99 instead of 20 on it is because Corey said I was an old woman, but he is an old man)


Lisa C said...

I'm so glad you had a good day. The flowers look beautiful. There were no pictures of you though. Talk to you soon. Love you.

Nathan and Annie Miller said...

We're glad you had a great birthday! We really hope you guys are serious when you say you want to come visit!